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    Smoked Salmon Hampers

    For those who prefer the distinct taste of smoked salmon, our lovely collection of Smoked Salmon Hampers is definitely worth a closer look. These hampers are geared more for the savoury palette and make fantastic food gifts all year around. Our Food Lovers Hamper and The Good Life Hamper are both excellent choices.

    Smoked Salmon Hampers - Alma's Grand Deluxe Luxury Hamper
    £135.00More DetailsOut of Stock
    Smoked Salmon Hampers - Deluxe Luxury Hamper
    £116.20More DetailsOut of Stock
    Smoked Salmon Hampers - Food Lovers Hamper
    • Food Lovers Hamper
    • Any foodie's will appreciate our Food Lovers hamper. Starting with Scottish Smoked Salmon, two favourite cheeses: Extra Mature Cheddar and Wensleydale & Cranberries, McKenzie's Oval Alberts with Smoked Salmon Pate, two of More than Gourmet's cl...

    £92.85More DetailsOut of Stock
    Smoked Salmon Hampers - Harrison's Hamper
    • Harrison's Hamper
    • If you're looking for a really special food hamper, loaded with great tasting foods, then you've just found it. Our Harrison's Hamper has so many great tasting foods; it will be very hard to leave it alone. From Scottish Smoked Salmon, two cheese favour...

    £75.20More DetailsOut of Stock
    Smoked Salmon Hampers - A Taste of Britain Hamper
    • A Taste of Britain Hamper
    • Our Taste of Britain hamper was created for someone who really loves British foods. Loaded with the most scrumptious foods we have here that aren't available anywhere else in the world. From our finest Scottish Smoked Salmon to our delectable,...

    £48.65More DetailsOut of Stock
    Smoked Salmon Hampers - The Good Life Hamper
    • The Good Life Hamper
    • A delightful all-around food hamper which will make an excellent gift for just about any occasion! The Good Life Hamper would definitely appeal to just about anyone's taste. It contains a gift box of the finest assorted Belgium Chocolates, Sco...

    £43.35More DetailsOut of Stock