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    Bath Tulips - Cocoa Butter Melts Gift Set

    • £15.95

    A fabulous collection of four luxurious Cocoa & Shea butter melts/Bath Tulips in a lovely gift set. Simply drop one into your bath for a short time and enjoy a very fragrant and relaxing bath with nourishing butters and loads of essential oils that will rejuvenate your skin to a softer and healthier glow!

    The gift set includes: 1) "Marmalady Bath Tulip" (orange)- a refreshing Bath Tulip with Cocoa & Shea butters and pure Mandarin & Grapefruit essential oils to help tone skin, revive and uplift. 2) "Ladybirds Kiss Bath Tulip" (red)- fresh floral fragrances with tiny bath pearls. The rich Shea & Cocoa butters will nourish your skin while the Patchouli & Ginger essential oils help rejuvenate and warm. 3) "Dreamscape Bath Tulip" (purple)- a gentle, comforting embrace to help you relax and remove built up tension caused through stress. With pure Cocoa & Shea butter, Lavender and Chamomile essential oils. 4) "Carnival of Love Bath Tulip" (green)- enjoy a modern interpretation of a classic Rose fragrance with hints of Jasmine and Lilly while the pure Rose and Geranium essential oils relax you. Each of these bath tulips is 100g. Presented in two red ballotins with beautiful ribbons and festive ornaments.

    Directions for use: Use each of your Bath Tulips up to "four times" by dropping it in the bath and allowing a portion of it to melt. Your Bath Tulip will fizz very softly releasing moisturising Cocoa Butter and softening the water. Rub the creamy foam into your skin while bathing. Remember to only allow a portion of your Tulip to dissolve and remove it from the bath to save the rest for later. Wash any petals away after use to prevent accidental staining of the bath.

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